Expelled from politics and Florence, Niccolò Machiavelli, in exile, writes the book that will make him immortal: The Prince. His interaction with a different and simpler world and his exchanges with a young and illiterate shepherd will lead him to profound reflections on humanity and its values. Through his memories and the pages of his book, we retrace the life of a devotee of politics: the most famous passages of The Prince recount the events, facts and sensations of the years he had spent at the courts of the the high and mighty of History. The care that a politician must have for his own public image; the matter of whether it’s better to be feared or loved; the sway of religion over the people. And the power of women: for Niccolò incarnated by Maddalena, the goddaughter of the King of France, a female of extraordinary intelligence and political passion. Machiavelli will have a belated comeback to political life, but this will coincide with his ultimate downfall. And it is the ensuing bitter awareness of human nature, that will become the heart, the true message, contained in the pages of The Prince.

Feature Film

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