39FILMS (39F), is an independent audiovisual production company based in Italy, founded in 2011 by Dario Lanis and Alfredo Federico. We develop and produce international documentaries and features films in coproduction with worldwide partners. In 2014, we have produced FRANCIS OF BUENOS AIRES, first documentary based on Pope Francis, released in Italy with more than 300 screens. In 2016, we have produced COMING FROM, documentary about Roma culture in Europe, filmed in the UK, Belgium, Croazia, Bulgaria and Italy. Besides, in 2016, we have produced a feature film CETACEOS  (RIFF 2017 Rome independence Film Festival) . During 2017, we have produced the documentary FOOD ON THE GO (San Sebastian Film Festival 2017) and CAFFE SOSPESO, both were acquired by NETFLIX for worldwide distribution.

We are currently in post production with the feature films SOLEDAD and NEGATIVE NUMBERS.

Upcoming productions include RUNNERS, BLIND AUDITION and L’ANGELO.

About the CEO

Alfredo Federico ex COO of Costa Films (where he worked very closely with the The Latin American Film Fund, a joint venture with The Weinstein Company and the start up of MUBI,online cinema with focus in cult movies, classic, independent and awarded films.)

Alfredo Federico was involved in many high profile auteur movies, such as: Elite Squad directed by Jose Padilha (Berlin Film Festival, Golden Bear Winner, 2008), The Burning Plain directed by Guillermo Arriaga (Venice Film Festival, in Official Competition, 2008),The Artist directed by Mariano Cohn & Gaston Duprat (Executive Producer,Rome Film Festival, in Official Competition, 2008) and Damn Summer directed by Luís Ortega, based on short story Death in Midsummer, written by Yukio Mishima. (Executive Producer, 2010).

Alfredo Federico is a co writer of Machiavelli, the prince script and the director of Coming From, documentary about Roma culture in Europe.

IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3824126/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1