That’s Italian Food. Italian Cooking. El Menu Italiano. La Parfaite Cuisine Italienne.

These are only the first titles that we find in the international online bookstores like by simply running a search with the words «food» and «Italian.» And then there’s the inevitable proliferation of web sites. TV recipe programs and gastronomical tourist jaunts on the screens of the world. Cooks that until a few years ago were virtually unknown entities outside their local Italian towns, becoming the star ambassadors of made-in-Italy at all four cardinal points of the planet. Italian food. The Garden of Europe’s cuisine/grub. Today more than ever, it seems to monopolize the attention of the media, particularly of the English and Spanish speaking countries. The upcoming Expo 2015 in Milan presents itself as a great showcase of world food: and in the showcase of showcases there will surely be the food of Italian origin. The very identity of Italy the Country has been made to correspond, in today’s globalized and interconnected world, with its production of food and wine – perhaps sacrificing other aspects of no less qualification: art, design, mechanical technology… But no two ways about it: more than anything and above all, the talk of things Italian in the world, is about food, about her older-than-the-hills, always known and loved – but never-quite-so-popular – cuisine.

This film has achieved the certification of cultural relevance of the Directorate General for Cinema  Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism.

Genre: Documentary

Director: Mercedes Cordova


San Sebastian Film Festival Culinary Section